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The Allevi Team is the unit of organization for Allevi software accounts and product access. Below we discuss what an Allevi Team is, how it works, and how to use one with your research group.

What is an Allevi Team?

The Allevi Team is the main organization for your Allevi products, files, and accounts.

An administrator can create a Team and then add users, printers, and software upgrades to the Team. All users in the Team will have access to the printers and any software upgrades in that Team provided by the administrator. They will also share access to files uploaded to the Allevi Software by the Team members.

In the absence of a team, a user will default to working from their Personal Account. Users can easily switch between their Personal Account and any of their Teams.

Teams Walk-through

Managing a Personal Account

A user’s active Account or Team is displayed under their profile icon in the software header. The software will default to placing the user in their Personal Account at first. A list of their available Accounts and Teams can be toggled with the blue arrows button.

Clicking ‘Your Account’ in this list brings the user to their Account Management page.

Here, the status of ‘Your Account’ is active, meaning it is currently in use. The page also list the resources that this Account has access to including printers, projects (from the Pro Software), and files.

The Transfer Resources button on the Account Management page launches the Transfer Resources Window for the Account. This features gives resources from the current Account to another Account or Team that the user can access. Once the transfer is made, the resources will no longer be available to the original Account.

Creating a Team

Clicking ‘Manage Teams’ opens the Teams List.

Similar to the Printer List, the Teams List displays all Teams the user currently has access to and lets the user add a new Team. The Green bar across the top of ‘Your Account’ indicates that this option is active. The software plan for ‘Your Account’ is listed below the Account name, and there are management and activation buttons to the right.

Clicking the New Team button lets the user name and create a new Team. A green check mark displays when creation is successful.

The Teams List will then feature the new Team! New Teams will start with just one member (the user that just created it) and default to inactive (unless they check the sign in box during creation). Since the user created the team, they will be designated the administrator (Admin) by default. Their Admin status is reflected by the Admin tag beside the Team Name.

Managing a Team

Clicking the Manage button beside a Team name in the Team list opens the Team Management page. At first, the new Team will be inactive. To start making changes, the user will need to activate the Team with the Make Active button.

The Team Management page is very similar to the Account Management page with an Active status button, Shared Resources dash, and Transfer Resources button. The Team Management page also includes a count of members in the resources dash, a list of the Team Members with an Add Member button, and a Delete Team button.

To add another user to a Team, the admin should enter the email address associated with their Allevi account. The owner of that account will be sent an email notifying them of their new access. This new member will be able to activate the Team from their view of the software. Activating the Team grants access to its resources.

The new members of the Team appear in the Members list. The red minus button can be used to remove members while the Make Admin button can grant Admin privileges to another member of the Team.

When removing a Team member, an Admin will be prompted with the email associated with the member being removed. This Team member can be added again later but upon removal, they will lose access to the Team’s shared resources. The removed user’s software will activate another Team or their Personal Account.

A Team Admin can transfer the Team’s shared resources to another Team or Account by selecting the alternate account and using the Transfer Resources Button from the window.

The Team can also be deleted using the Delete Team button at the bottom of the Team Management page.

For more on the rest of the software, check out our Complete Guide to Allevi Bioprint Online.


I had an account before Teams launched and now I’d like to start a team.

Go for it! Teams are part of Allevi Essential and are available to all Allevi users. You can follow the Team creation and management steps above. Note that transferring resources from your Personal Account to a Team will move all of the resources from your Personal Account (not just a printer, for example).

I’m having trouble registering a printer to my Team.

  • First, check if the printer has been registered before. The printer cannot be registered to two different Accounts or Teams at once.
    • If the printer is registered to an Account or Team you have access to, you can transfer the registration to another Account or Team with the Resource Transfer feature.
    • If you don’t have access to the Account or Team the printer is registered to, contact the Allevi Support Team. They will contact the current registration holder and verify the printer transfer.
  • If this is the first time the printer is being registered, double check that you are entering the serial number correctly. Any letters will be between “A” and “F” so any “0” will be the number zero.
  • If you are still having trouble registering, take a screenshot of any relevant error message from the software and contact the Allevi Support Team.

When I try to activate my software registration key I get an error message.

  • First, try re-entering the key by copying and pasting it into the prompt. The key has to be exactly correct, but you certainly do not need to enter it by hand.
  • If after trying again the software still returns an error message, check to see if the key has been registered to another Account or Team. Similar to the issue above, the key can only be registered to one Account or Team at a time. Follow the steps above to transfer the key if possible.
  • If you are unable to transfer the key, contact the Allevi Support Team. In your message, include any relevant error messages and the Team or Account you’d like to use.

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